New job and Adobe Flex

Things have been quiet on the blog front but lots has been happening on other fronts. I can catch you up in about three paragraphs. Here goes.

I switched jobs! I left my job as Web Developer at 3000k, a small web shop in Worcester, about three weeks ago to join Meridias Capital. The Meridias Capital public site is a bit sparse so let me fill you in. The company is a mortgage finance lender centered out of Las Vegas with a secondary office in Salt Lake City. They have a couple of enterprise-level web apps that help faciliatate the mortgage finance process internally. This is where I come in.

I'll be working out of Boston with Michael Lowry, Director of UI, to architect, design, and build the UI for these apps. I was hired for my traditional front-end skills: XHTML, XML, CSS, JS, etc. but soon after my arrival there was a strong push to investigate Adobe Flex. After some research and prototyping we came to the conclusion that Adobe Flex was a better solution for our RIA then a traditional HTML/AJAX approach. So we have cast off into a brave new world!

Note: We will be looking at add another member to our small Boston UI team shortly. If you have Flex experience or experience developing web apps with Flash, drop me a note. We will post proper details on the opening shortly.