Roadtrip 2004

Here's a list of all the places I stayed on my roadtrip last month, with the number of days in parentheses:

  • Chicago, IL (1)
  • Suix Falls, SD (1)
  • Billings, MT (1)
  • Seattle, WA (4)
  • Portland, OR (4)
  • San Fransisco, CA (4)
  • Los Angeles, CA (3)
  • Irvine, CA (2)
  • Flagstaff, AZ (1)
  • Oklahoma City, OK (1)
  • Nashville, TE (1)
  • Richmond, VA (2)

If you add it all up, the grand total comes to: 8700 miles over 25 days.

The view from a hill on the North (Marin Side) overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. You can see San Fransisco in the distance.
Cows in the midwest. I think I threw something at them to get there attention.
The Badlands in South Dakota. Miles and miles of jagged, striated rocks, amazing!
Hollywood at dusk viewed from top of the Capitol Records building. I need to thank Josh for sneaking us in the building.
A little shred of coastline looking down from the Golden Gate Bridge.
San Fransisco Bay, well shaded. hmm..
Couple of hills in the Badlands. I used a graduated filter to darken the sky a bit on this one.
Looking up from a sidewalk in Laguna Beach.
Another view of Laguna Beach in the OC. Pretty.
The Golden Gate Bridge from the South (San Fransisco Side).
A lone tree on a hill in San Fransisco Bay.
My friend Cyrus's kitchen in Seattle. I like the open cabinets.
Another picture taken from the Golden Gate Bridge. A little boat hanging out in a nook.